Camelot Vineyards

Camelot Vineyards

Rob and Denise would like to welcome you to their estate winery located 15 minutes from downtown Kelowna. Come and visit our charming Medieval themed boutique winery with picnic area outside – we encourage guests to bring a lunch & enjoy the general splendor. Events & activities detailed on our website & blog.

8 reviews

  1. Charming boutique winery

     (5 / 5)

    We were very fortunate to chance upon Camelot when looking for accommodation in the Okanagan. As well as being a very interesting vineyard and winery, there is also a super little rental availed through Airbnb Slightly off the beaten track in East Kelowna, this little gem punches above its weight and delivers some delicious wines. Sadly sold out of its reds, we sampled two whites and a rosu00e9. The latter slightly too sweet for my palette but much appreciated by others in the groups. The Pinot Gris shone for me as White Knight was also a little off-dry We will definitely return to King Arthur’s castle if only to sample the reds and try, once again, to get that pesky sword out of the stone! nLoved the thrones and the u201ccrownsu201d provided for the obligatory selfie!nWe also adored Poppy, give her a hug from the Palmer’s. X

  2. Wine tasting

     (5 / 5)

    Wine is amazing! Julian the host very friendly and knowledgeableu270cufe0f would totally recommend to anyone.

  3. Prince Gastronome

     (5 / 5)

    Ok, full disclosure, I write for Dungeons & Dragons, so my thoughts on a winery called Camelot may be a touch slanted. And to seal the deal, the entire winery drips in imagery, wrapping itself in its theme. Granted, it’s not a castle like Road 13 in Osoyoos, but let’s not get too demanding. nnThis is not a large winery; it had one employee on station when we arrived. I can’t remember what got us traveling to see the eastern wineries of Kelowna, though I do know Camelot was the first visit in that area. It wasn’t our first winery on our vacationu2014we had been on a week-long trip starting from Osoyoos where we visited 60 wineries and returned with 120 bottles. Camelot was on the tail-end, though it ended up being the first of many that day, spurned by Camelot’s challenge. nnYou see, Camelot is a member of the Fab-Five, sharing membership with House of Rose, The Vibrant Wine, Spierhead and The View (I wonder if it has grown to being called the Fab-Six with the arrival of Frequency). Being gamers that fight for every achievement, and knowing that stamps won’t imprint themselves, my girlfriend and I set off to visit them all. nnCamelot also had a sword in stone, because of course, it did. nnThere were throne chairs outside the main doors, suits of armor indoors, and of course, a shield crest. I was hoping the host would be covered in a lose linen tunic, gold-embroidered garbs and boiled leather, hand resting on a dagger in case the situation got out of hand. But nou2026sigh, not even a foppish wig, just a nerd with glasses. Though he does profess to get all glitzed up for the medieval festival the winery puts on in August. nnReally, we’re missing that?! nnCamelot is a great little winery that plays on its theme without ramming it down one’s throat. Peal the modest gilding away, and you still have an effective winery placing the bottles foremost. Surely, Camelot could have milked its name and brand by selling shirts, caps, andu2014I don’t knowu2014plague carts. Shocking that they still prefer to sell wine. Given the Fab Five wineries are small, their selections are equally modest, all crafted from small lots. The prices were so good, we ended up getting both a 2015 Pinot Gris and a 2015 White Knight, and you saw that name coming from as far off as Westeros. I honestly don’t understand why their other bottles don’t carry a themed name. Or better still, just name each wine u201cSiru201d, like u201cSir Rieslingu201d or u201cSir Pinot Noir.u201d I’m telling you, they’re missing a hat trick here. nnAnd a castle, they still need a castle. Outside of that, it would be hard to say Camelot is the top location to visit out here because even though that’s it’s close to being true, that would mean the other members of the Five could be ignored, and I don’t think they should (okay, maybe one or two). Camelot is just a good example of the quality that awaits you. The host was one of the best encountered on our journey. It just sucks we missed Camelot on our second trip out thereu2026there is always a third. To conclude, returning to my previous comment, Camelot rolled a natural 20.

  4. Winery tasting

     (5 / 5)

    This is our 2nd time we went to this winery and we were not disappointed. One of the only places I buy my white wine and they are very friendly & knowledgable. Thanks for a great experience!

  5. Swords and armour

     (3 / 5)

    Part of the Fab Five – do the circuit and have your card stamped. Tasty wines with grapes purchased from further south – flavourful reds.

  6. Excellent wine

     (5 / 5)

    Their wines are some of the best we’ve ever tasted. We took out-of-town visitors to this winery and they were so impressed that they bought several bottles. We highly recommend this wine.

  7. Wine tastings

     (5 / 5)

    Stopped here for a wine tasting and had a blast with all the scenic set ups and props for pics. Great place. Wine was really good too. Friendly staff and nice spot

  8. Medieval themed winery

     (4 / 5)

    Small tasting room, friendly, knowledgeable staff, good wine. What more can you really ask for? This time we tried to visit wineries we had not been to before and we’re really happy we did.

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