BX Falls

BX Falls

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  1. Hidden oasis for the Vernon area!

     (5 / 5)

    If you’re looking for a different experience in the vernon area be sure to visit this secret hide-away! it’s always 10 degrees cooler than the area in the summer and the falls offer up a great refreshing stop in the hot summer! The bx falls trail is also great to explore and hike and is about 6km return from either top or bottom trailheads…the scenery along the way is always fantastic!

  2. Fun Afternoon with Friends

     (5 / 5)

    A beautiful and peaceful place to see some natural beauty in the city. Leave your pooch at home and wear good shoes and be prepared to get your stair climbing workout!

  3. Lovely falls, a bit of a challenge for elderly or anyone with mobility issues

     (4 / 5)

    Definitely worth the trek to see these lovely Falls, that being said, the trail down is quite steep, even more so if you have mobility issues. Thankfully it is a relatively short trek to get there. It was a bit too warm for my liking when we went but that’s to be expected this time of year~

  4. Best Hike on a hot day

     (5 / 5)

    We hiked this trail on a hot day and it was perfect as you are in the forest, then down in the canyon, The waterfalls spray on you if you get close so that cools you off too. Path down the hill was very narrow and I used hiking poles to stabilize myself. Worth the hike down. We spent quite a while down at the bottom just enjoying the scenery. If you are in the area you should do this trail as it is very beautiful and worth the hike.

  5. Easy Walking Hike In Nature

     (5 / 5)

    NO DOGS PERMITTED – Before I start I want to make this very clear. Dogs are not permitted on this trail. If you want to take you dog out for a run you can just go down the road to the BX Dog Park. Dogs are not permitted on the BX Falls Trails If you like to take and easy walk but would still like to end up in a really cool looking place then I would try walking to the BX Falls. There are some stairs once you arrive at the falls but they are quite easy to use. nnThe area where the BX Falls are is a bit of a Gully, with the falls cascading down to an area where a larger pool of water is. It’s quite beautiful there. We spent at least an hour there looking around and taking photos.

  6. Spectacular falls with trail and steps

     (5 / 5)

    I have been visiting the falls for may years now. There is a good short trail from a small parking area and steps to descend to or view the falls. Most impressive in the Spring with the snow melt water. In the heat of the Summer walking through the woods is cooling under the canopy of trees and in the vicinity of the waterfalls. The trail continues below the falls to join up with the Grey Canal trail.

  7. A cool quiet spot on a hot summer day.

     (5 / 5)

    BX Falls Trail is an easy short hike. No dogs though. Dog owners should head downstream to the BX Dog Park – the best off-leash dog park in Vernon!

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