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Boomers Sports Bar & Grill is located at the Capital News Centre, a multipurpose recreation facility with 2 full size Hockey rinks, 2 indoor soccer fields, a mini skating rink, fitness centre, indoor running track and much more. Surrounded by the Mission Sports fields where Baseball diamonds, soccer fields and an artificial turf full size football field are located – truly the hub for Kelowna’s sports teams. We are family friendly with a kids menu so the whole family can enjoy Boomer’s. Daily food and drink features and a fabulous menu gives great value every day/night at Boomers.

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  1. Expected worse; received better

     (3 / 5)

    Over the past 15 years we have put three of our boys through minor hockey here in Kelowna and as such, have been to the rink too many times to count (a number of years we were at the rink 7 days a week during hockey season). And, yes, many a time we were at CNC (Capital News Centre). And, yes, more for the convenience than anything else we ended up at Boomers where expectedly, the food was bad, the service worse and we left vowing to never go to Boomers again… only to end up eating there again a couple of weeks later. And so it was last week when one of our boys had a Midget Rep game on Rink 1 during the dinner hour that we decided (against our better judgement) to have dinner at Boomers before the game. And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, not so much because the food and service were outstanding but more so because it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. Allow me to be more particular: First, of the 15 tv screens that were showing various games only two had the Toronto Raptors game on and they were too far away from where we were sitting. The closest screens were showing a Buffalo Sabres vs Carolina Hurricanes match; really? I know it’s hockey and hockey is king here in Canada but to show a game between two teams that no one in Western Canada really cares about? But I digress… I asked if one of the tv’s could be changed to the Raptors game and the manager came over and gladly obliged. Positive point #1. Our server was uber friendly and pointed out specials and was quick and knowledgeable… and even helped me settle the tab when I realized I forgot my cc at home. I have to say, the service that night was a vast improvement to sessions past. Positive point #2. And the food, while not gourmet nor even excellent quality, was what we expected from bar food. Nachos done well although a little skimpy on the toppings and the ribs tender and juicy but greasy. Typical for a bar. Positive Point #3. So all in all, three stars. An average pub experience that actually impressed because I have had such a bad feeling about this place for far too long. I will probably be back (the next time one of the boys plays here at CNC I bet) and if the experience continues to improve I might actually recommend this joint. But not quite yet. Note: families with young children can still eat there as the outer rim is family friendly. No minors in the raised centre section.

  2. Arena Restaurant and Sports Bar

     (3 / 5)

    Don’t often think about going to Boomer’s unless it is for wing night on TUESDAY. $5 if you buy a beverage. Friends recommended it. They have battered wings that are crispier than the typical wings. You can always find a place to sit. Servers are friendly. I can’t really say it has ambience as it is a concrete block adjacent to a hockey/skating rink. There are TV’s of course.

  3. Food gets a two, service a 4

     (3 / 5)

    Servers were really hustling and would be the only reason I would return to try more food at this location. Burger was processed everything, with bacon undercooked and almost raw. Lots of tv’s with price points relatively low. No craft beers and this location is like a throwback to the 80’s and 90’s for menu and food quality. All I know is that if a pub can’t make a good burger it’s not for me. Same taste profile as Canadian brewhouse and Kelly o Bryan’s. If I give it another shot I’ll opt for the salad or soup and play it safe. The three servers on staff Friday at dinner time are all that kept it together.

  4. Wings & Ball!

     (4 / 5)

    Game 6 was great to watch here. Lots of tvs and the feel of a sports bar. It was wing night & everything was tasty though we weren’t fans of the garlic parmesan flavour. The salt & pepper & Jamaican jerk were yummy. Bartender Chaz was great and our server Tracy was friendly.

  5. Better!

     (4 / 5)

    Went there last night after almost a year of staying away. Service was awesome! Helps when you hire people who know what they’re doing. Food is still average but now serving Tree beer on tap…perfect!

  6. New menu items, same unimpressive pub.

     (3 / 5)

    This restaurant/pub is usually pretty busy, but I think it’s mostly because it is attached the the capital news centre which houses two indoor soccer fields, and 3 ice rinks. Many of the teams go for food and drinks after, for convenience. The service is average, the food is average to poor pub fare. Although it does look like they have recently revamped their menu a bit, so I will wait to try a few new items before judging too quickly. Don’t ever get the dry garlic ribs or the wings. Terrible. The pub is also very loud. It was designed poorly and is basically a big empty box, so it echos like mad in there. If there are any more than 5 tables of people there, you have to shout to have a conversation. Not a good place for a date!

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