Bamboo Beach Fusion Grille


10 reviews

  1. Fabulous

     (5 / 5)

    We were in Vernon, B.C for the Jann Arden concert. This restaurant was completely booked but as we got there right at 5:00 when they opened they graciously seated us as we assured them we could be out by 6:00. Our meal was delicious and the food very fresh with homemade delicious salad dressings. We would definitely go back – the staff were very attentive. A lovely start to our evening. Thank you!

  2. Love the food and people....

     (4 / 5)

    We came back to Vernon for a visit and had to comeback to this place….wonderful food here…always something special…

  3. Great if you like spicy food

     (3 / 5)

    This place does not open till 11:30AM. I walked in and did not like the smells and almost left but after a while it goes away as you get used to it. Every table except 1 was full and the waiter told me to sit anywhere, he promptly brought me a menu and left. I had wanted a drink of water and never got a chance to ask but he was soon back with one anyways so it worked out, it looked like they give everyone water. I looked up and saw cobwebs on the ceilings and walls and was put off a bit by this but it is that time of year. I do not like spicy food so the menu was a challenge for me and I ended up ordering a burger with salad. When it came it was very different and had a salsa like sauce in it with diced tomatoes which was different. I can’t say it was bad just different. If I was ever to go back I would order a rice dish with a vegetable and protein and non of the spicy sauces after viewing others dishes. It really is not my kind of place so I do not think I will be back. Talking to the people at the next table they said it is known for Thia food so if you like that then I guess this is the place and you would appreciate it. The place was full of nice art painting for sale which put a lovely spin on the small restaurant. I think they could expand and do well since the place was packed. The waitress also brought me a napkin and said she can’t eat finger food without an extra napkin so that was thoughtful that I did not have to ask. It was pretty messy probably one of the messiest burgers that I have ever eaten as it fell apart and just squished right out of my fingers. I had to leave half the bread. The washrooms were nice and stylish too plus any washroom that puts a special hanger for your purse is automatically going to get points with me. On my way out I never got any bye, thanks or anything which was disappointing. The bamboo and plants in the front window need some attention as they look really neglected and yellow and just overall tacky. This place is on the main drag downtown and parking can be a challenge plus it is busy. You have to pay meters on the street as well. Some people were given the option to use chop sticks. Oh yes the restaurant is next to an empty big building and lots of homeless folks sit on the street in this area and it was a little challenging getting through some of that at the lunch hr that I do not think i would want to be there at night.

  4. Incredible Fusion Menu

     (5 / 5)

    A medium to fine dining price experience (mains $27) but very much worth the creative taste sensations in a small ambience of this restaurant on main street. My body thanked me for the incredible flavour combinations that the chef created.

  5. Everything Awesome

     (5 / 5)

    Nothing too fancy and easy to miss but this place is a hidden jewel. The service is great but the food is absolutely fabulous. If the tuna is on special, don’t miss it. The chef really knows what she is doing when it comes to seafood. A must when in Vernon.

  6. Unique and upscale with reasonable prices

     (5 / 5)

    Downtown and best restaurant in the area. Great food and personalized service. You will probably meet the chef, a delightful Japanese lady!

  7. Great Food

     (5 / 5)

    Had lunch with friends and I had the daily special quiche, it was excellent. The service was very good as well as the pricing.

  8. OK

     (3 / 5)

    Hi I went here and had bit of trouble picking what to have. What I did order was very good, a little snobbish

  9. Great Lunch

     (5 / 5)

    This is truly a hidden gem. The service is excellent and the atmosphere is peaceful. The food is very good and it is clearly fresh and tasty.

  10. Its the food not the decor here.

     (4 / 5)

    This is not a restaurant to dress up for. In fact it looks so basic from the outside you might at first give it a pass. This place however has very good food at reasonable prices and the family that owns it works hard to ensure you will come back. We did. They have a wide assortment of Asian food and while none of the dishes are the best I’ve ever had they are all very good and I would return every week if I lived in Vernon. I could go on but i think you get the point.

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